Wednesday Invitation Stableford  8/7/2020
Div 1 Winner D. Rolph 38pts, Div 1 RunnerUp R.Teirney 36pts
Div 2 Winner M.Patterson 37pts, Div 2 RunnerUp B.Cuthbertson 35pts
NTP's  1/10 I.Stopforth, 9/18 A.Eaton
Balls Down the Line (or Boags beer) to 33pts      I Frawley, M.Geeves, R. Cowie, P.Peterson, D.EatonT.BestI.StopforthK.Richards

Overall Winner K Lockwood 61

Div 1 Gross P Downie 71, Div 1  Nett R Salter 64
Div 2 Gross P Peterson 79, Div 2 Nett K Lockwood 61
Div 3 Gross M Beech-Jones 88, Div 3 Nett M Leatherbarrow 63
NTP's  1/10 N Robinson, 4/13 R Davidson, 6/15 K Lockwood, 9/18 N Robinson
Balls Down the Line (or Boags beer) to 67      D Ronald, R Jones, S Booth, A Jago, B Davison, L Bennett, G Hopson, H Schenk, G Bannister, J Morgan, B Jennings, P Eaves

Wednesday Invitation Stableford  1/7/2020

Div 1 Winner S.Satori 35ptsc/b, Div 1 RunnerUp W.Povey 35pts
Div 2 Winner M.Kitchener 37pts, Div 2 RunnerUp P.Riley 36ptsc/b
NTP's  1/10 R.Salter, 9/18 R.Salter
Balls Down the Line (or Boags beer) to 32ptsc/b      E.Rosinski, K.Richards, P.Peterson, M.Geeves, L.GilesJ.GarriganD.BrownP.WoolfordA.BryceA.Jago


Div 1 Winner B Davison 37pt, Div 1 Second A Rees 36pt c/b, Div 1 Third A Jago 36pt
Div 2 Winner M Clarke 34pt, Div 2 Second D Ronald 33pt, Div 2 Third E Johnston 32pt c/b
Div 3 Winner M Beech-Jones 36pt, Div 3 Second F Gardener 34pt, Div 3 Third W Burman 33pt
Balls Down the Line to 32pt c/b      J Hickey, A Eaton, G Turnbull, J Morgan, G Meaghan, G Hill, A Bryce, M Geeves, D Clark, B Mason, W Povey, P Staples


winner N Stuart, K Allen, M Beattie 75pt

F A FALKNER CUP  20/6/2020

Overall Winner L Bennett 40pt

Div 1 Winner L Bennett 40pt , Div 1 Second B Davison 38pt c/b, Div 1 Third A Rees 38pt
Div 2 Winner B McKay 39pt, Div 2 Second J Etherington 38pt c/b, Div 2 Third S Booth 38pt
Div 3 Winner M Reid 38pt, Div 3 Second J Embrey 37pt, Div 3 Third F Gardener 36pt c/b
Balls Down the Line to 33 c/b      K lockwood, S Oosthuizen, K Richards, C Kilpatrick, A Bryce, S Deayton, G Turnbull, D Matthews, P Peterson, B Mason, P Kitchener, P Downie

Ladies Monthy Medal No 6 18-06-2020

Winner D Horne 70

r/up M Garrigan 71

Chicken run B Doyle 32

Wednesday Stableford 17/6/2020

Div 1 Winner L. Giles 40, R/UP S. Sartori 38
Div 2 Winner B. Eaton 37, R/UP M. Leatherbarrow 35
Div 3 Winner P. Riley 38, R/UP G. Unsworth 37 C/B
Balls Down the Line to 33 B. Cuthbertson, J. McAuley, J. Garrigan, A. Bryce, M. Geeves, D. Rolph, W. Povey, P. Peterson, P. Kitchener, B. Davison, H. Bell, R. Brown


Div 1 Gross P Downie 70, Div 1 Nett A Bryce 65 c/b, Div 1 Nett R/Up B Davison 65
Div 2 Gross D Unsworth 79, Div 2 Nett R Teirney 64, Div 2 Nett R/Up R Cowie 66
Div 3 Gross M Reid 86, Div 3 Nett W Burman 65, Div 3 Nett R/Up J Harris 67
Balls Down the Line to 69 c/b      J Etherington, J Hickey, R Goldsmith, M Albury, P Eaves, P Peterson, S Waterworth, H Schenk, W Thomas, G Turnbull, C Coughran, G Hill


Winner N Stuart 36

Runner up M Beattie 32

Chicken Run K Allen 31 nett

Wednesday Stableford 10/6/2020

Div 1 Winner R. Tierney 39, R/UP A. Bryce 36 C/B
Div 2 Winner W. Povey 36, R/UP D. Rolph 35 C/B
Div 3 Winner M. Beech-Jones 36 C/B, R/UP D. Crisp 36 C/B

Balls Down the Line to 34 P. Riley, A. Rees, J. Garrigan, M. Leatherbarrow, J. Holley, S. Booth, N. McGrath, R. Burton, T. Best, K. Richards, R. Salter, I. Stopforth


Div 1 Winner A Jago 37pt, R/UP R Salter 36pt
Div 2 Winner D Curtain 41pt, R/UP P Staples 40pt
Div 3 Winner J Embrey 36pt, R/UP M Beach-Jones 35pt
NTP's  1/10 , 4/13 , 6/15 , 9/18
Balls Down the Line to 32pt c/b     

B Gittus, G Hill, D Crisp, K Lockwood, M Leatherbarrow, P Riley, P Kitchener, M Geeves, B Davison, P Martin, S Booth, D Hamilton


Winner  N Stuart 73

Runner up D Horne 75 c/b from K Allen

Least Putts M Garrigan 31

Wednesday Invitation Stroke 3/06/2020

Div 1 Gross C. Kilpatrick 73 C/B, Div 1 Nett W. Povey 63
Div 2 Gross D. Rolph 84, Div 2 Nett P. Eaves 67
Balls Down the Line to 68 A. Rees, A. Jago, H. Bell, A. Gardener, L. Giles, C. Coughran, R. Jones, R. Brown, R. Cowie, I. Stopforth, R. Burton, M. Patterson

No competitions between 22/03/2020 and 2/06/2020 due to the COVID-19 virus


Overall Winner G Bannister 58
Div 1 Gross P Downie 67, Div 1  Nett G Bannister 58
Div 2 Gross R Goldsmith 78, Div 2 Nett D Unsworth 63
Div 3 Gross Marcus Harvey 86, Div 3 Nett J Holley 63
NTP's  1/10 J Shreeve, 4/13 B Mason, 6/15 P Kitchener, 9/18 Jackpot
Balls Down the Line to 66 c/b      G Turnbull, C Coughran, G Mus, H Schenk, L Bennett, R Cowie, B Davison, G Hill, J Hickey, P Korn, J Embrey, G Meaghan

Sunday to Friday  20/3/2020

Best Nett S Davis 65 c/b,

Best Nett Runner-up G Linton 65
Balls Down the Line (or Boags beer) to 67
R Salter, M Patterson, L Giles.


Wednesday Twilight  18/3/2020

Nett Winner S Davis 19pt c/b
Nett R/U D Curtain 19pt
Balls Down the Line to 16pt      A Mills, A Eaton, A Westbrook, J Curtain

Wednesday Inv. Stableford  18/3/2020

Div 1 Winner P. Peterson 38pts, Div 1 RunnerUp R. Salter 37ptsc/b
Div 2 Winner R. Burton 36pts, Div 2 RunnerUp D. Crisp 35pts
NTP's  1/10 R. Salter, 9/18 R. Salter
Balls Down the Line (or Boags beer) to 34pts      A. Jago, B. Davison, A. Bryce, M. Leatherbarrow, R. Brown

Sunday to Friday  6/3/2020 Sunday to Friday

Best Nett P Korn 69,

Best Nett Runner-up R Ferguson 71 c/b   ,         

Wednesday Invitation Stableford  11/3/2020

Div 1 Winner D. Ronald 36pts, Div 1 RunnerUp R. Brown 35ptsc/b

Div 2 Winner D. Rolph 41pts, Div 2 RunnerUp M. Beech-Jones 37ptsc/b

NTP's  1/10 D. Rolph, 9/18 R. Salter

Balls Down the Line (or Boags beer) to 35ptsc/b      M. Leatherbarrow, S. Atkinson, M. Geeves, E. Rosinski, R. Martin

MONTHLY MEDAL NO 3  7/3/2020

Overall Winner C Coughran

Div 1 Gross P Downie 71, Div 1  Nett J Morgan 60

Div 2 Gross S Waterworth 78, Div 2 Nett C Coughran 58

Div 3 Gross P Eaves 89, Div 3 Nett Marcus Harvey 60

NTP's  1/10 S Deayton, 4/13 M Harvey, 6/15 S Lockwood, 9/18 JACKPOT

Balls Down the Line  to 67 c/b      M Hinsby, B Mason, R Alomes, G Turnbull, B Gittus, R Cowie, S Deayton, P Staples, G Mus, K Patterson, T Lucas, R Gilmour

Wednesday Twilight  4/3/2020

Nett Winner L Giles 29

Nett R/U A Eaton 30.5       

Foursomes championships  29/3/2020

Div 1 Gross Winner C Kilpatrick  -  S Oosthuizen 73

Div 1 Nett Winner G Mus  -  P Downie 66.5 c/b

Div 2 Gross Winner J Embrey  -  L Kay 87

Div 2 Nett Winner B Shacklady  -  J Harris 71.5

NTP's  1/10 P Staples, 4/13 W Burman, 6/15 R Alomes, 9/18 Jackpot

Balls Down the Line to 84 gross       G Hill, G Turnbull, P Kitchener, G Bluett, J Robinson, J Holley, R Salter, L Bennett, S Sherriff, R Jacobson, P Peterson, J Shreeve

Wednesday Invitation Stroke  4/3/2020

Div 1 Gross R. Salter 63, Div 1 Nett P. Kitchener 63

Div 2 Gross E. Rosinski 91, Div 2 Nett M. Beech-Jones 65c/b

NTP's  1/10 P. Kitchener, 9/18 S. Freeman

Balls Down the Line (or Boags beer) to 66c/b      M. Geeves, I. Frawley, W. Povey, B. Roberts, P. Peterson

Wednesday Twilight 28/2/2020

Nett Winner G Bannister 21pt

Nett R/U N Collis 19pt c/b

Balls Down the Line to 18pt      R Goldsmith, J Fletcher,


Sunday to Friday 28/2/2020

Best Nett D Ronald 39pt,

Best Nett Runner-up R Teirney 38pt

Balls Down the Line to 35pt J Garrigan, Maurice Robinson, G Linton,

Wednesday Invitation Stableford  26/2/2020

A Grade Winner W. Povey 35pts,     RunnerUp Small field n/a

B Grade Winner M. Beech-Jones 33pts,     RunnerUp Small field n/a

Balls Down the Line to 30pts      A. Rees, S. Freeman, A. Street, , 

Saturday Stableford  22/2/2020

Div 1 Winner A Bryce 39pt c/b, R/UP G Mus 39pt

Div 2 Winner P Peterson 40pt c/b, R/UP S Deayton 40pt

Div 3 Winner M leatherbarrow 40pt, R/UP O Ohrman 34pt

NTP's  1/10 P Korn, 4/13 M Leatherbarrow, 6/15 R Salter, 9/18 L Kay

Balls Down the Line to 33pt c/b      L Bennett, S Lockwood, P Korn, A Jago, I Coombe, G Bannister, G Hill, R Alomes, P  Kitchener, B Davison, , 

Sunday to Friday 22/2/2020

Best Nett Maurice Robinson 63,

Best Nett Runner-up R Salter 64

Balls Down the Line to 67 R Teirney, B Eaton, R Davidson, E Rosinski,


Wednesday Twilight 19-2-2020

Winner N Collis 31.5

R/Up W Thomas 32.5 c/b

Wednesday Stableford  19/2/2020

A Grade Winner R. Alomes 42pts, R/UP A. Rees 40pts

B Grade Winner K. Doran 36pts, R/UP D. Crisp 33ptsc/b

 NTP's  1/10 D. Rolph,  9/18 A. Rees

Balls Down the Line to 34ptsc/b      I. Frawley, R. Salter, P. Kitchener, C. Kilpatrick, M. Patterson, , , , , , , 

Saturday Stroke 15/2/2020

Div 1 Gross P Downie 69,   Nett A Bryce 61

Div 2 Gross W Thomas 82,   Nett R Jacobson 65

Div 3 Gross J Holley 89,   Nett R Davidson 60

NTP's 1/10 J Embrey, 4/13 M Leatherbarrow, 6/15 L Bennett, 9/18 Marcus Harvey

Balls Down the Line to 68 c/b    D Eaton, M Albury, L Bennett, S Booth, P Korn, D Clark, G Hill, H Schenk, G Bannister, C Coughran, S Waterworth, G Meaghan

Ladies Nyrstar stableford 13-2-2020

D Horne 35

M beattie 31

Wednesday Invitation Stableford  12/2/2020

A Grade Winner P. Kithchener 41pts,     RunnerUp R. Alomes 36ptsc/b

B Grade Winner R. Gilmour 37pts,     RunnerUp J. McCauley 37ptsc/b

Balls Down the Line to 35ptsc/b      R. Hendy, S. Freeman, S. Szkudlarek, A. Bryce, G. Hill R. Salter

Monthly Medal No #2  8/2/2020

Overall Winner S Lockwood 60

Div 1 Gross R Salter 68,    Nett D Clark 63

Div 2 Gross J Robinson 76,    Nett S Lockwood 60

Div 3 Gross S Szkudlarek 82,    Nett M Hinsby 63 c/b

NTP's  1/10 R Alomes, 4/13 , 6/15 R Jacobson, 9/18 J Shreeve

Balls Down the Line to 66 c/b      R Alomes, G Hopson, S Booth, R Goldsmith, T Rooney, R McGowan, A Jago, R Jacobson, E Rosinski, M Geeves, G Mus, I Coombe

Sunday to Friday 7-2-2020 

Best Nett P Szkudlarek 60,

Best Nett Runner-up R Gilmour 64

Balls Down the Line to 65 C Poate, P Woolford, R Teirney, S Szkudlarek,

R D Barker Memorial Trophy ( Ladies ) 6-2-2020

K Allen 65

K Mcginniss 66

Twilight stroke 5-2-2020

Winner A Triffett 29

R/Up N Collis 29.5

Boags Summer Cup  1/2/2020

A Grade Gross R Salter 64, Nett G mus 66 c/b

B Grade Gross J Etherington 76, Nett I Coombe 62

C Grade Gross Marcus Harvey 88, Nett O Ohrman 67

NTP's  1/10 J Embrey, 4/13 E Rosinski, 6/15 S Lockwood, 9/18 D Clark

Balls Down the Line to 67    R Jacobson, P Downie, D Unsworth, D Matthews, A Jago, G Meaghan, S Sherriff, M Geeves, 

Wednesday Invitation -   5/2/2020

A Grade Gross R. Salter 71, Nett J. Hickey 61

B Grade Gross D. Rolph 87, Nett J. Leamey 61

Balls Down the Line to 63      H. Bell, S. Szkudlarek, A. Bryce, B. Cuthbertson, R. Gilmour

Sunday to Friday  31/1/2020

Best Nett J Garrigan 61,

Best Nett Runner-up D Ronald 62   ,         

Balls Down the Line to 63 C/B S Szkudlarek,

Wednesday Twilight  29/1/2020

Nett  Winner  D Unsworth  21pt c/b

Nett  R/U T Westbrook  21pt

Balls Down the Line to 20pt      B Gittus, A Eaton,        

Wednesday Invitation Stableford  31/1/2020

A Grade Winner J Hickey 39 c/b,     RunnerUp A Jago 39

B Grade Winner E Rosinski 39pt,     RunnerUp M Leatherbarrow 38pt

Balls Down the Line to 37pt c/b      S Freeman, R Gilmour, B Davison, A Bryce, P Peterson, I Frawley

Saturday Stableford 27/1/2020

Div 1 Winner G Mus 42pt, R/UP C Kilpatrick 41pt

Div 2 Winner G Bannister 42pt, R/UP G Hopson 40pt

Div 3 Winner T Rooney 40pt, R/UP M Hinsby 39pt

NTP's 1/10 F Gardener, 4/13 F Gardener, 6/15 G Bluett, 9/18 A Jago

Balls Down the Line to 37pt     R Jacobson, K patterson, P Downie, A Jago, G Bluett, T Lucas, J Shreeve, H Schenk, F Gardener, L Kay, I Coombe, Michael Harvey

Sunday to Friday 24/1/2020

Best Nett B Eaton 40pt c/b,

Best Nett Runner-up L Giles 40pt

Balls Down the Line to 37pt D Ronald, G Langmaid, S Davis, G Linton, ,

Women's Monthly Medal No 1

D Horne 63

M Aird 68

Least putts

M Beattie 32

Wednesday Invitation Stableford  22/1/2020

A Grade Winner P. Kitchener 44pts,     RunnerUp R. Wozniak 43pts

B Grade Winner S. Freeman 48pts,     RunnerUp R. Brown 44pts

Balls Down the Line to 40ptsc/b      B. Cuthbertson, D. Ronald, R. Ferguson, L. Kay, B. Davison A. Jago R. Hendy S. Oosthuizen

Saturday 2BBB Stableford 18/1/2020

Winner P Eaves - J Embrey 51pt

Second M Hinsby - W Burman 50pt

Third S Oothuizen - R Blakers 49pt c/b

NTP's 1/10 R Salter, 4/13 Michael Harvey, 6/15 R Goldsmith, 9/18 G Meaghan

Balls Down the Line to 46pt c/b     S Lockwood, J Etherington, J Shreeve, G Meaghan, T Lucas, Michael Harvey, P Korn, B Gittus, T Rooney, W Burman, A Jago, M Albury

Sunday to Friday 17/1/2020

Best Nett D Ollington 58,

Best Nett Runner-up S OoSthuizen 61

Balls Down the Line to 63 C/B R Davidson, R Ferguson, W Thomas.


Wednesday Twilight 15-1-2020

Winner B Gittus 19pt c/b

R/Up P Martin 19pt

Wednesday Invitation Stableford  15/1/2020

A Grade Winner S. Oosthuizen 38ptsc/b,     RunnerUp R. Salter 38ptsc/b

B Grade Winner R.Gilmour 43pts,     RunnerUp L. Kay 41pts

Balls Down the Line to 37ptsc/b      M. Patterson, R. Blakers, R. Wozniak, A. Jago, S. Atkinson H. Bell A. Bryce M. Geeves H. Bell hole in one 10th

MONTHLY MEDAL NO 1 11/1/2020

Overall Winner Fenn Gardener 58

Div 1 Gross R Salter 71 c/b,   Nett A Jago 61

Div 2 Gross J Morgan 77,   Nett T Lucas 61 c/b

Div 3 Gross R Brown 83,   Nett Fenn Gardener 58

NTP's 1/10 R Brown, 4/13 M Hinsby, 6/15 J Morgan, 9/18 K Lockwood

Balls Down the Line to 64 c/b     N Robinson, K Patterson, I Coombe, R McGowan, S Sherriff, E Rosinski, A Rees, M Reid, S OoSthuizen, D Unsworth, K Lockwood, M Hinsby

Wednesday Twilight 10/1/2020

Nett Winner P Martin 24

Nett R/U G Linton 28.5

Balls Down the Line to 30 c/b      J Ralph, S Arnold, A Eaton, W Thomas,      

Sunday to Friday Stableford 10/1/2020

Sunday to Friday Best Nett L Giles 42pt,

Best Nett Runner-up P Szkudlarek 41pt
Balls Down the Line to 63 C/B R Davidson, Maurice Robinson, D Ronald, R Gilmour, J Garrigan,

Wednesday Invitation Stableford  8/1/2020

A Grade Winner M. Geeves 41pts,     RunnerUp W. Thomas 39pts

B Grade Winner R. Wozniak 44ptsc/b,     RunnerUp R. Burton 44pts

Balls Down the Line to 37pts      R. Ferguson, D. Ronald, T. Jarvis, B. Eaton, R. Martin R. Salter D. Rolph

Saturday Stroke  4/1/2020

Div 1 Gross R Salter 70,    Nett M Albury 59

Div 2 Gross J Etherington 81,    Nett R Goldsmith 63 c/b

Div 3 Gross S Booth 82,    Nett T Rooney 54

NTP's  1/10 I Coombe, 4/13 L Kay, 6/15 D Clark, 9/18 A Bryce

Balls Down the Line to 64      N Robinson, M Geeves, A Bryce, M Beech-Jones, M Hinsby, P Kitchener, R Davidson, G Mus, I Coombe, W Povey, T Jarvis, P Eaves

Sunday to Friday  3/1/2020

Best Nett M Patterson 57,

Best Nett Runner-up B Eaton 60    

Balls Down the Line to 63 J Shreeve, R Davidson, R Ferguson, E Rosinski, J Garrigan, R McGowan