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                                                                     Competition Days

                                                    Day                                          Competition

                                                                      Saturday                                                      Members Competition
                                                                      Sun-Fri                                                        Midweek Competition
                                                                  Wednesday                                                     Invitation Midweek
                                                                  Wednesday PM                                             Twilight Competition (DST)
                                                                  Thursday AM                                                  Ladies Competition (until 12:00 PM)

                                           Green Fees $25.00  (9 or 18 holes)    Invitation Day $10.00

                                                                $10.00 Juniors                        

     The course can be hired by organisations or groups when no club competitions are scheduled. 

     The fees for hiring the course (course is closed to others) are:

  • $700 plus a $150 bond (fully refundable subject to the facilities left in good condition)

All Members and their visitors are required to follow the rules associated with a normal private golf club including:

  • At least one player in every group needs to have a GolfLink number;

  • Every player needs to have their own golf bag;

  • players need to replace divots, smooth out bunkers and repair pitch marks when playing;

  • play "ready golf" to keep the group moving at a reasonable pace;

  • if you fall a hole behind the group in front and you have a group behind you waiting, call them through;  

  • all local rules need to be followed (indicated by signage and on the back of the scorecard); and

  • the complete set of rules is in the Policy and Procedures document

Dress code suitable to a Golf Club applies: