COVID Advice

Everything is pretty much back to normal for golf play, except Golf Tasmania’s advice is that masks need to be worn during both practice and play until Friday at 6:00pm.  If walking the course results in intense exercise and you are short of breath, the mask can be removed until you recover.

Masks must be worn by people over 12 years old when leaving your house. In the context of golf clubs and facilities, masks may be removed when consuming food & drink.  Please wear a mask at other times in and around the clubhouse.

Please monitor further announcements from the Government and follow lockdown restrictions to protect the community.


"Nearest point of relief" (NPoR) not the nicest point of relief, and lifting and dropping your ball in correct manner.

When taking relief from an obstruction on the course, the correct procedure must be adhered to, if not, a one stroke penalty is to be added to your score by your marker. The correct procedure when taking relief either from, free relief or under penalty is,  

  1. First mark your ball's position before lifting (Use a Tee or an artificial marker to mark the ball’s position. You cannot use a twig, leaf, rock, or any other natural object on the course to mark your ball.) 

  2. Place another marker where your club would be placed on the ground with your stance clear of the obstruction you are taking relief from, no closer to the hole. (there will be a number of relief points that the ball can be dropped, all these drop points should be marked so the closest drop point is found, not the nicest. (There has been some confusion on the 9th/ 18th when a ball is on the path and players have been picking up their ball without marking and dropping onto the 1st Tee, instead of under the bushes which could be the closest point of relief. (It is the marker's responsibility to ensure the correct procedure is followed, if unsure the correct procedure had been followed then an one stroke penalty should be added.) (Remember the ball can always be played as it lies without taking relief)

  3. When the NPoR is agreedupon by your markerthe ball can be dropped within one club length, no closer to the hole. (Drop the ball from knee height) 

  4. Remove markers before taking next stroke.  


Competitions are conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays (booking required)

Rules for entry to competitions on Wednesdays and Saturdays  (updated 14-10-2020)

 Prior to play

  • The physical distance of 1.5 metres between people must be maintained at all times (this includes the practice green);
  • More than 1 playing group may be on Tees as long as physical distancing is maintained between groups;
  • Online bookings via Our Golf is required;
  • A maximum of 3 people are permitted in the cardroom at any time to register for play (please use the sanitiser before and after registering);
  • Entry fees on Wednesdays will be $5.00 per player and Saturdays $6.00 per player and must be lodged prior to play.

During play

  • Mark your opponents card as per normal (see After play below);
  • The physical distance of 1.5 metres between people and playing groups must be maintained at all times;
  • More than 1 playing group may be on Tees to greens as long as physical distancing is maintained between groups and players.
  • The toilets and buggy rooms will be open daily please wash or sanitise your hands before and after play.

After play

  • No handshaking at conclusion of play or anytime, unless hand sanitiser is used before and after;
  • Scorecards are signed by the marker and do not have to be signed by the player themselves. They should be witnessed by the player.
  • Scorecards can be entered on the PC in the bar area (please use the sanitiser before and after entering); and
  • Results will be posted on the club web site and on the noticeboard in the bar.


Club Operating Hours

Office                                                                               Bar 

Mon    10:00 am - 2:00 pm                                           Closed

Tue    Closed                                                                       Closed

Wed   Closed                                                                      11:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Thur   Closed                                                                     Closed

Fri   Closed                                                                        12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Sat      Closed                                                                    10:00am - 7:00 pm